Offering our partners the opportunity to tap into a fast growing, dynamic market

Pax Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.  has become the first stop for any pharmaceutical manufacturer wanting to expand its operation into India.

Our extensive experience in the Indian market allows us to assist international manufacturers seeking to break into the high growing pharmaceutical market of India.

Why become a Supplier?

  • Pax Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. pay the most competitive prices.
  • We host product launches as a means of introducing products to medical professionals.
  • We organise medical conferences and exhibitions to showcase and inform the general public on current and upcoming products.
  • Pax Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. has access to a burgeoning market with a high growth potential.
  • We run a professional and friendly service dedicated to upholding high standards of recognised business ethics.

If you would like to become a supply partner of Pax Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. please email us on