JEFO Syrup 100 ml.


In dry, Allergic, Irritating, Cough & Congestions please prescribe JEFO expectorant. JEFO is a perfect expectorant. JEFO contains:– Ambroxal, Guaiphencin, C.P.M, Phenylephrine & Menthol. JEFO Eases expectoration and reduces congestion.


Composition :

Each 5 ml contains :

  1. Ambroxol Hydrochloride              IP  15 mg.
  2. Guaiphenesin                                    IP  50 mg.
  3. Phenylephrine Hydrochioride   IP     5 mg.
  4. Chlorpheniramine Maleate         IP     2 mg.
  5. Menthol                                               IP 1.5 mg.
  6. Flavoured Syrup Base                                q.s.


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